OSF participated in the Nature Carnival 2012 arranged by World Wide Fund

Omair Sana Foundation partaken in the Nature Carnival 2012 where it arranged a signing ceremony in the Nature Carnival. The ceremony continued

for the whole day getting the endorsements for a mandatory Thalassaemia Test before marriage. Large number of young generation including their parents and other celebrities signed in favor of this cause on a 20 X 5 feet plain flex written with the resolution in English and Urdu. Using the platform of WWF is nature carnival 2012, the foundation aimed to educate the people and create awareness in the masses for Thalassaemia and its prevention This Carnival cum Gala was arranged by World Wide Fund (WWF). Pamphlets and broachers depicting Thalassaemia Prevention Program, its procedure, were distributed. A large numbers of families and youngsters were counseled during this activity. The carnival gathered more then 25000 participants. The Foundation also extended its activity with arranging a Blood Camp on this occasion. The interest and participation of people in this activity was commendable. Latter the corporate Relation Officer of WWF and COO of OSF agreed to continue this type of collaboration with each other.




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 Thalassaemia patients need our support, you can adopt a child and support his family. Please contact us  Read More.

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Awareness Program

We believe that the awareness and efforts made by us will also lead to a combine effort from all stakeholders.