Flag hoisting and gift distribution ceremony on the eve of independence day

A Jashn e Azadi program for Thalassaemia children was arranged at omair Sana Thalassaemia Center on the eve of Independence Day of Pakistan. Thalassaemia children and their families including people of differen walk of like participated in this event.

Children presented national songs, chracters, tebloes, national anthem and amused the participants. Later ex. City Nazim Adv. Naimatullah Khan hoisted the flag of Pakistan. Renowned poet Innayat Ali Khan, general Secretary OSF Dr. Saqib H. Ansari, Finance Secretary mrs. Tahseen Akhter, Joint Secretary obaid hashmi, ms. Gabriella (working for the cosmetic surgery of burned women, Romania) , dr.Fouzia (cosmetc surgoen and activistof women rights) and other addressed at this eve. Later, Naimatullah Khan distributed gift in thalassaemia children. It is worth mentioning that Omair Sana Foundation arranges different programs and ceremonies on national and religious eves for maintaing healthy activities in Thalassaemia children and their families and involves celebrities and dignitries of different institutions and proffessions. Addressing to the audience, adv. Naimatullah khan said that Pakistan was achieved for Islam and independence was acquired after bloodshed and great cacrifices by our elders. Now it is our responsibilty to work together for its growth and progress so that the dream of a developed and prosperous Pakistan see the light . Pakistan is our identity and center of our whims and wishes , we are ready to sacrifice all what we posses for its stability, said Dr. Ansari. As we got freeedom , we will also free our countery from Thalassaemia and other fatal diseases, he pledged.



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