TEEN BAHADUR with Humayun Saeed .

A Recreation activity of watching TEEN BAHADUR (first animated movie of Pakistan) for Thalassaemia children and their families organized on June 10, 2015 at Atrium, Sadar Karachi.

Thalassaemia children and their families with three members of administration of various Thalassaemia centers including AFZAL Memorial Thalassaemia Center, Kashif Iqbal Thalassaemia Center, Almustafa Thalassaemia Center, National Institute of Blood diseases, Burhani Thalassaemia Center, Hussain Thalassaemia center, Fatimid Foundation were invited . TEEN BAHADUR is a story of valor and bravery of three friends who stands against all odds to fight to evil.  The morale of the story was that goodness is supported metaphysically and wins eventually. The renowned actor/director Hamayun Saeed was also there to show solidarity to these Thalassaemia children. Later all participants were given a token of meal which the enjoyed and appreciated well. The activity attracted media and the objective of Thalassaemia awareness was also achieved.


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We believe that the awareness and efforts made by us will also lead to a combine effort from all stakeholders.