OSF will support Zanabia Thalassaemia Center

Hyderabad; A workshop/ lecture was arranged on the management of Thalassaemia by Zanabia Blood Bank & Thalassaemia Center, Hyderabad. A no of doctors and the parents of Thalassaemia patients attended the workshop. While delivering lecture Dr. Saqib Hussain Ansari,a leading hematologist and the general secretary of Omair Sana Foundation pointed out the misconception of various Thalassaemia centers regarding the transfusion to

Thalassemic on the blood count of 6 due to scarcity of blood not knowing the adverse effects while if the blood count be managed between 9-13 there would be positive phenotypic effects and the patients will live quite a smooth life. Just one extra pint of blood can save multiple pints to transfuse. He stressed upon the necessity of iron chelation, different drugs in use, its dosage & effects. He tempted the Thalassemics by offering gifts if they reduce their iron load bellow thousand, a limit for iron in the body to live a healthy life of Thalassaemia patients. Dr. Rahat Hussain, Imtiaz malik from Omair Sana Foundation. Dr. Romaila memon, Dr sajad, and other members of Zanabia Thalassaemia Center were present at the moment.

Latter he thoroughly visited Zanabia Blood Bank and Thalassaemia Center & appreciated as one of the best in Sindh. He also commended the commitment and sincerity of the management of the center. He said that Omair Sana Foundation is always ready for the prevention of Thalassaemia and currently supporting different Thalassaemia Centers in Sindh. The Foundation has offered prenatal tests (CVS) to various Centers and maintains its proposal for Zanabia Thalassaemia Center too. He also suggested an opportunity for the capacity building of the center by offering technical & scientific training of management and protocol of blood banking on contemporary American and British guidelines. The management of Zanabia Thalassaemia Center thanked for the offer and promising long run association with Omair Sana Foundation.


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