Omair Sana has a vision of Thalassaemia free society of Pakistan in 2030, ensuring availability of best tools & techniques for the treatment, reducing the prevalence of Thalassaemia gene in the society.
The Foundation believes that a better society based on principles of equity equality, non-violence, justice and human rights is possible; where in collective endeavourer has the potential of actualizing human ends.

Please Adopt Me

 Thalassaemia patients need our support, you can adopt a child and support his family. Please contact us  Read More.

Donate Blood

Thanks for donating blood for Thalessemia kids , if you want to join our donors club please call us on 34977847 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.l.

Awareness Program

We believe that the awareness and efforts made by us will also lead to a combine effort from all stakeholders.