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Our foundation
Omair Sana Foundation (OSF) started off as a diversified NGO, operating in the three verticals. Blood Diseases , Medical Relief and General Welfare.

In Thalassaemic sphere our mission is to make free treatment available to Thalassemic patients who cannot afford it on their own. Provide Thalassemic patients with Educational and Social rehabilitation to make them productive and confident members of the society.

We help Thalassemics not just EXIST but rather LIVE and lead a healthy life. While in emergency and general relief we serve the humanity in their medical and social concerns.

Our area of work is medical relief, advocacy, rehabilitation, reconstruction & education in the time of any natural or man-made calamity. We believe in the collective and collaborative approach for accomplishment of goals that seem hard to achieve. The name of Omair Sana Foundation as the name suggests was derived from Omair & Sana, the two children of Dr. Kashif Hussain Ansari , himself an Oncologist, Hematologist serving in America. Both were suffering from a genetically oriented blood disease. Even after a strong and vigilant health management and having all required resources he couldn’t make their survival possible.

Our PhilosOphy

Omair Sana died in the age of 5&3 respectively. After recovery from the trauma of his children’s demise,

Dr. Ansari, Thought that even having all resources in a modern, technically equipped and developed United States, the chance of survival for those who have blood disorders is limited.

What would be happening in a third world country like Pakistan where more then 40% people are living below poverty line, average income level is 2$, medical institution are ill equipped, access to the proper facility center is difficult and expensive.

This mishap and insight provoked him to do some thing for those who deserve back in his home country, Pakistan.

Our Mission

Omair Sana Foundation stands for providing the best care and treatment for children of Thalassaemia & other blood diseases, promotion and creation of awareness to the society through all available resources & means, focusing on the prevention of this disease from spreading in the society.

The Foundation also stands for the socio-economic empowerment of the poor and the marginalized section particularly women for quality of life and career by ensuring their active participation in its activities of decision and policy making.

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Thalassemia is the most common genetic disorder in Pakistan , where the carrier rate is 5-8%. Thousands of children are born each year with beta-thalassemia major requiring blood transfusion for the rest of the life, iron chelation and supportive care.

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Our aim is to work day in day out for increased level of Thalassaemia awareness and better patient management to minimize and eventually eradicate altogether the incidence of Thalassaemia in Pakistan.That was the first step taken to embark upon a journey of a thousand miles.