Omair Sana Foundation

Humanity is all about feeling and sharing pain of others. Omair Sana Foundation is a platform to serve the purpose.

Usually, unbearable and irreparable losses crush the inner self of affected people. At that point of life people find themselves on a dilemma: let the tragedy overwhelmed themselves [which itself creates another tragedy] or compose themselves to channelize their energies to live for others. Dr Kashif Hussain Ansari chose the second path and established the Omair Sana Foundation 15 years ago when he lost his two children 5-year-old Omair and 3-year-old Sana due to a blood related disease.

After the tragic demise, he decided to dedicate his life for those children who suffer from blood related diseases and his family fully supported him in the holy war against miseries of Thalassaemia patients.  

The basic purpose of the foundation is provision of the treatment for Thalassaemia patients and converting the country into a Thalassaemia-free Pakistan. Apart from treatment, the OSF creates recreational opportunities for the patients.

According to conservative estimates, some 6,000 Thalassaemia major children born every year in this country and majority of them fell prey to death owing to the lack of resources.

We try our level best to reduce problems of those suffering from the dreadful ailment named Thalassaemia — a common but not curable in majority of cases disease — prevailing particularly in third world countries.

We at the OSF directly facilitate around 400 Thalassaemia children and their families. As transfusion of blood and medication on regular basis are the only way to keep the Thalassaemia patients alive, the foundation with the help of donors arranges blood and free medicines for needy patients. Every month, the foundation spends a heavy amount on provision of these facilities.

Apart from the disease management, the OSF is trailblazer in the society for legislation on prevention of the disease. Keeping in view that the disease is a genetic ailment that patients inherit from their parents, the OSF emphasizes on pre-marriage Thalassaemia test.

Besides using conventional ways of creating awareness among masses about the disease, the foundation has frequently taken legislators and influencers on board to make the Thalassaemia test a prerequisite for marriage contract. [Drafted law ?]

The foundation also offers capacity building support to other Thalassaemia centres across the country.


Our Mission

• Creation of awareness among masses on Thalassaemia and preventive measures
• Awareness about pre-marriage Thalassaemia test and screening during pregnancy to reduce Thalassaemia
• Free treatment for needy patients
• Educational and recreational activities for Thalassaemia children

Who We Are

Omair Sana Foundation (OSF) started off as a diversified NGO, operating in the three verticals. Blood Diseases , Medical Relief and General Welfare.
In Thalassaemic sphere our mission is to make free treatment available to Thalassemic patients who cannot afford it on their own. Provide Thalassemic patients with Educational and Social rehabilitation to make them productive and confident members of the society.

We help Thalassemics not just EXIST but rather LIVE and lead a healthy life. While in emergency and general relief we serve the humanity in their medical and social concerns.

Our area of work is medical relief, advocacy, rehabilitation, reconstruction & education in the time of any natural or man-made calamity. We believe in the collective and collaborative approach for accomplishment of goals that seem hard to achieve. The name of Omair Sana Foundation as the name suggests was derived from Omair & Sana, the two children of Dr. Kashif Hussain Ansari , himself an Oncologist, Hematologist serving in America. Both were suffering from a genetically oriented blood disease. Even after a strong and vigilant health management and having all required resources he couldn’t make their survival possible.
Omair Sana died in the age of 5&3 respectively. After recovery from the trauma of his children’s demise,

Dr. Ansari, Thought that even having all resources in a modern, technically equipped and developed United States, the chance of survival for those who have blood disorders is limited.

What would be happening in a third world country like Pakistan where more then 40% people are living below poverty line, average income level is 2$, medical institution are ill equipped, access to the proper facility center is difficult and expensive.

This mishap and insight provoked him to do some thing for those who deserve back in his home country, Pakistan.


Ansari went on to officially register the Foundation as an NGO in USA and Pakistan. Today, Alhamdullilah, Omair Sana Welfare Foundation is run, managed and overseen by a group of highly qualified professionals from different walks of the life.Omair Sana Foundation, an initiative taken back in 2003 by Kashif Hussain Ansari. The Foundation was established to help those children who are suffering in Thalassaemia and other blood disorders. He was joined in this noble cause by his younger brother, Saqib Hussain Ansari, a pediatric Hematologist by profession, specializing in blood diseases.

Our aim is to work day in day out for increased level of Thalassaemia awareness and better patient management to minimize and eventually eradicate altogether the incidence of Thalassaemia in Pakistan.That was the first step taken to embark upon a journey of a thousand miles.

In 2005, realizing the magnitude of the work, enthusiasm and commitment, Dr. Ansari went on to officially register the Foundation as an NGO in USA and Pakistan. Today, Alhamdullilah, Omair Sana Welfare Foundation is run, managed and overseen by a group of highly qualified professionals from different walks of the life. Our aim is to work day in day out for increased level of Thalassaemia awareness and better patient management to minimize and eventually eradicate altogether the incidence of Thalassaemia in Pakistan.

Nature & Work

Omair Sana Foundation (OSF) is a non-political, non-sectarian, non-ethnic, non-profit organization Registered under the —- Act of Trust Established in 2003. OSF has collaboration with Thalassaemia Federation of Pakistan, NIBD, PIMA, etc. OSF is led by a dedicated Professional Advisory Board is consists of physicians and professionals.OSF operates a client case management and medical services program Thalassaemia Services Program-TSP that is open to all residents in the whole regions of Pakistan.

Our prevention and education programs have offerings that continually promote awareness of persons with Thalassaemia disabilities. The “Community Based Work Adjustment & Placement Program”, funded by and large by Omair Sana Foundation.

Although, Thalassaemia is the prime focus, the Foundation takes pride in carrying out relief efforts in non-Thalassaemia domains as well. Our relief and development vertical comes in this domain. Emergency relief, rehabilitation, reconstruction, provision of social amenities in the time of natural and man-made disasters.

We Are A Strong Team

The achievements on the part of the Foundation would not have been possible without the support of the ‘Friends & partners of OSF’. The foundation, a once small setup, has now turned into a movement, being joined everyday by people who share and support to rapidly expanding spectrum of our services, we need YOUR support more than ever. You can be part of the whole cause in more ways than one. Come and join us. Together we can make the difference and see many lives change for the better.

Our Executives

Patern In Chief: Mr. Akhter Hussain Ansari
President: Dr. Kashif Hussain Ansari
Vice President: Dr. Tahir Sultan Shamsi
General Secretary: Dr. Saqib Hussain Ansari
Joint Secretary: Mr. Obaid Hashmi
Finance Scretary: Tahseen Akhter

Team Members

• Dr. Saif-ur-Rahman ( Manager Patient Support Program)
• Dr. Zeeshan Hussain ( Research Officer)
• Dr. Zoaib Raza ( Research Associate)
• Dr.Rahat Hussain ( Manager Blood Camp & Donor Club)
• Dr. Saqib Khan ( Research Fellew)
• Mr. Akhlaq Siddiqui ( Admin Manager)
• Mr. Nazir-ul-Hasan ( Media Coordinator)
• Mr. Malik Imtiaz ( Project Coordinator)
• Mr. Mohammad Akbar (Manager Lab & Blood Bank)
• Dr. Zuhaib ( Molecular Technologist)
• Mr. Jawed Umer ( Internal Auditor)
• Mr. Fayyaz (Accountant)
• Ms. Safya ( Head staff Nurse)
• Ms Marvi Shah ( Receptionist)

Advisory Board

• Dr. Ambreen Kashif.
• Dr. Sadaf Saqib
• Dr. Iqra Ansari
• Dr. Faheem Ahmad
• Mr. Syed Asghar Hussain
• Mr. Hamza Hashmi
• Mr. Hamid Hussain
• Dr.Misbahul Aziz
• Dr.Sohail Akhter
• Dr.Salman Ahmad Ghauri
• Dr. Qammar Jabbar

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  2. “Whether you’re a healthcare professional, educator, or passionate volunteer, there’s a place for you at Omair Sana Foundation. Join us in our mission to bring hope, healing, and empowerment to those in need.”

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