The Patient’s Family Screening program offers genetic testing and counseling services to the families of thalassemia patients. By identifying carriers and providing essential information about the inheritance pattern of thalassemia, this program aims to empower families to make informed decisions about family planning and prenatal care. Through early detection and education, we strive to reduce the prevalence of thalassemia and support healthier generations to come.

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We run a ‘extended family screening’ program. In this program both immediate family screening ( IFS) and Extended family screening ( EFS) is performed. Thalassaemia is a genetic disorder that runs in families and transmits from generation to generation. Thalassemic families and their close relatives are screened through a test to identify the extension of the gene in the family. It is a pre-emptive program for this prevention strategy. We have already started this program and have covered over 125families of Thalassemic patients.


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